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Ta da!

the prophecy of bees book jacket. Here’s the cover of my second novel, The Prophecy of Bees.

I have to say I absolutely love it. The Art team at Orion have really pulled off something special here. It’s so simple yet dramatic and very eye catching. And it sets up the book’s premise really neatly.

A mother buys a remote Cotswold manor house, hoping the move from London will pull her troubled teenaged daughter back from the brink. But the pair fall foul of the power of superstition and suggestion.

The book itself is published on 20 November but, if you’re a book blogger or librarian, you can request advance review copies from Netgalley here.

And there are ten copies up for grabs in a Goodreads giveaway right here.

Feeling lucky? Then enter the giveaway or request an advance copy. No lucky rabbit’s foot or heather necessary.

amy archer makes another comeback

24 April – Amy Archer makes another comeback – this time in paperback. The Second Life of Amy Archer hits the shelves all over the UK.

amy archer goes all norwegian

the second life of amy archer book jacket. norwegian edition. Woo ho! The first ever foreign language version of my novel takes a bow in Norway today, courtesy of Juritzen.

And very nice it looks too. I love the cover. It’s very moody and dramatic and the colour palette unusual. The cover is all the more special as the author photo was taken by Patrick Mills, a friend of mine and a keen amateur photographer. Which means my Norwegian adventure is as big a deal for him as it is for me.

My Norwegian is non-existent but even I noticed that the title has changed. It translates as What Happened to Amy?

I can’t wait to see what Norwegian readers make of it.